Scottish trip: Epilogue

The Scottish trip was a very different animal to the Irish trip due to my not having the company of a friend, and having to carry everything myself.  The dogs in Scotland were very different animals as well, as not once was I chased by one, although a few barked, and one Rottweiler expressed more than a passing interest in my lunch.  It was I who surprised one old sheepdog, who visibly jumped as s/he became aware of my presence as I cycled by.  Sorry about that.

Being on my own did allow me, or perhaps compel me, to speak more readily to strangers, a trait which developed as the week went on.  In doing so, my journey was immeasurably enriched.

And what of that tiny Scottish elephant in the room – the midge.  I am happy to report that I was scarcely bothered by them.  Occasionally I would pass some woodland, and would pass through a cloud of them, spitting them out for the next wee while.  Once when I stopped, I became aware of a series of black specks spattered on the front of my legs and entangled in the hairs of my forearms, but I suspect that the almost constant breeze, combined with a route that kept more to the coast, was the largest factor in my lack of torment, with the citronella-infused sun screen lotion coming a distant, but still useful, second.

Would I do it again?  Absolutely, but I would make more of the journey and less of the destination, allowing myself more time to see places and chat to people.

Trip statistics

a) Home to home

Miles ridden: 620.6
Feet climbed: 26245
Total time moving on the bike: 40 hours 23 minutes
Average speed: 15.36 mph
Calories burned:  31285 (that’s 182 Sainsbury’s Eccles cakes!)

b) Mull of Galloway to John O’Groats

Miles ridden: 531.4
Feet climbed: 23060
Total time moving on the bike:  35 hours 14 minutes
Average speed: 15.08 mph


Stables Guest House, Corsbie Rd
Newton Stewart, DG8 6JB

New Lanark SYHA
Wee Row, Rosedale Street
New Lanark ML11 9DJ

Perth SYHA
Perth College, Crieff Rd
Perth PH1 2GA

Aviemore SYHA
25 Grampian Rd
Aviemore PH22 1PR

Morven Guest House
70 Nover Rd
Alness IV17 0RG

Ruard Guest House
Stafford St
Helmsdale KW8 6JR

The Weigh Inn
Thurso KW14 7UG


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  1. Jonathan says:

    Amazing trip. Very inspiring, and sounds like you’ve got so much out of it. Looking forward to hearing more next week. Bravo!

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