The Man

I am a 47-year old musician with the Ulster Orchestra, and have been living in Belfast, Northern Ireland for twenty-three years, although I was born and raised in England.

I have cycled for most of my life, but until two years ago I simply commuted to work. A friend Kevin suggested that I might enjoy doing slightly more than that, and now, two years later, I have definitely embraced the MAMIL (that’s Middle-Aged Man In Lycra) in me. I now have four bikes, have joined a cycling club (Phoenix Cycle Club), and have also lost almost two stones in weight.

The last cycle touring I did, however, was for my Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition over thirty years ago, so I am approaching this challenge as just that, something that will stretch me. Call it a mid-life crisis if you will, but it’s healthier than buying a sports car or having an affair!!