Ireland route update

Talking with Kevin, who will kindly be providing support for this trip, I now realise that travelling down to Mizen Head is going to take all day, so to then cycle almost 50 miles is a non starter.

I have therefore re-thought the route, and have a mad idea to try and do it in four days! We are going to use B&Bs, but not book them beforehand, so that if the conditions are unfavourable, I can spread the journey to five days, and find somewhere wherever I finish for the day.

The four day plan would be as follows:
Day 1 – Mizen Head to Tralee 94 miles
Day 2 – Tralee to Athenry (near Galway) 106 miles
Day 3 – Athenry to Ballyshannon 113 miles
Day 4 – Ballyshannon to Malin Head 91 miles

It is looking likely that the travel day to Mizen Head will be on Monday 25th June.

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