Damp end to weekend

The road to Malin Head

On Sunday I got out for a short spin first thing in the morning, getting to Malin Head by 8.00 am. I was glad to find that my legs were not too weak after the previousl day’s exertions. The rest of the day was spent in the company of friends.

After a great weekend of sunshine, Monday was a different kettle of fish. And fish would have enjoyed it!

I set off from Malin just before 8.30 am, in order to get the 10 am ferry from Greencastle.  I had been going barely a half hour before the rain began. It was not unexpected, as I had seen the forecast. It was, however, right in my face, and would be for virtually the whole route back.

Start/Finish line at Malin Head

By the time I was in Greencastle, my ‘waterproof’ gloves were soaked through, and in the twenty minutes I had to wait for the ferry I cooled down rightly. I was very glad when one of the ferrymen offered me the use of a room on the ferry which had a heater in it.

By the time I made land the other side, I had decided on an option that had been in my mind since I knew Denise wouldn’t be taking the car. Namely to cycle to Coleraine and catch the train home.

I got to Coleraine by 11.20, and had to wait over an hour for the next train. Had I researched it, I could have caught a later ferry and had an extra hour in bed!

I was back to a cold, wet Belfast at 2.00 pm, and home shortly thereafter.

I was disappointed not to have ridden back to Belfast, as my legs still felt strong in Coleraine, but with a cold still on the horizon and the filthy weather, discretion got the better part of valour. At least I live to cycle another day!

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