In Donegal

I made the decision this morning that I would cycle, despite not feeling 100%. My cold had not gone to my chest, so I reckoned that I would be ok.

I set off from Belfast at 9.00 am, with the intermediate goal of catching the 2.15 pm ferry from Magilligan Point. The day was cool enough, and the only time that I got warm was when I went into a bar at Magilligan Point for a coffee and sat in front of an open fire.

I was trying out the ‘courses’ setting on my Edge 500 GPS unit, which allows you to upload a rout and then follow it. Initially I tried following the directions, but the time delay that the unit has between getting GPS data and updating distances to turnings proved problematic, as I would be told that I had 200 metres to go before a turning, and then told me that I had missed it. Occasionally it would try and send me the wrong way, as when I reached the main road into Ballymena, and it wanted to send me to Larne!

I found a different display, which showed a line and distance to the next turning. This was easier to follow, although the time lag reared its ugly head again in Donegal, and I ended up riding on a parallel road for a few miles out of Moville, having checked with a paper map that it met up with the road I was supposed to be on. I don’t know that I would rely on the GPS unit entirely, without some sort of map backup.

I arrived in Glacknabrade just before 4.00 pm, 7 hours after leaving Belfast, and with 5.75 hours of cycling in my legs. The final distance was about 90 miles, as I didn’t pedal across Lough Foyle! This is further than I plan to cycle on any day of either trip, so I am happy enough, especially as I had to contend with a 10% hill right at the end. What remains to be seen is if I can get on the bike tomorrow!

The Prologo saddle wasn’t hugely comfortable, but it was no less uncomfortable after 90 miles. I have, however, taken it off, and have put on my own Specialized Avatar for the return trip.

The trip should show up below. If not, it can be seen here

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  1. Michele says:

    Very well done, what a great cycle!

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