Early start

Loaded up and ready to go

It was a bleary-eyed cyclist who left home at just after 6.00am this morning, accompanied by the finest of Irish mizzle. Denise had got up to see me off, making me a cup of tea, despite not feeling great herself.

Despite Kevin’s sage advice, I had not been out on the bike with my panniers attached before today.  In fact, since the end of my Irish end to end, I have hardly been on the bike at all, as I have been resting my right Achilles tendon.  It has pretty much recovered now, but it does mean that the confidence I felt at the end of the Irish trip about taking this Scottish one in my stride has somewhat diminished.  Certainly I was aware of every small rise in the road as I started off.  I am carrying about 10 kg of luggage, of which 1kg is this netbook, and another 1.5kg is nutrition of various descriptions, so I should at least consume my way lighter as I progress north.

Twenty-five minutes got me to the ferry terminal at Duncrue, and I was checked in not long afterwards. I was invited to board just after 7.00, and was directed to the lower car deck.  There was a bike rack there, but I had to take both panniers off to avoid the bike tipping over.  I had hoped to leave one pannier with the bike, but I ended up having to bring both of them with me.

I am now ensconced at the back front of the boat, and we have just left dock. The journey begins…

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2 Responses to Early start

  1. Michele says:

    Go for it!.. Hope weather’s ok!

  2. Kevin Harrell says:

    Good luck. Looking forward to your daily update. Make sure you post pics of any nasty crashes injuries etc.

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