It is now a week since I completed the Irish end to end, and most of my body has completely recovered. The one nagging issue is my right Achilles tendon, which has achilles tendinopathy, thankfully caught in the early stages. This was caused either by poor pedal technique, with my foot pointing downwards too much, or by compression from the overshoes that I was wearing on the first two days. It has caused a swelling which is now thankfully on its way down. After a visit to my physiotherapist, I have dispensed with the tubigrip bandage, and am icing the tendon up to six times a day. This is helping in the tendon’s recovery, and yesterday I was able to begin a stretching exercise, which I am to do three times a day. No cycling for the moment, but I am confident that I will be back on the bike next week, to refine my pedal technique and begin building the miles up towards the start of the Scottish trip on 19th.

The bike, too, has had a bit of work done to it. I replaced the broken bottle cage on the seat tube with one from Specialized which has a side opening. There should be no problem getting the spare bottle out of this baby!

I also took out the standard brake pads, replacing them with wet weather pads from Kool Stop, pads which I also have on my other road bike, and which do provide better stopping power in damp conditions. Other than that, the bike has just had a thorough clean, and is waiting patiently for my ankle to recover.

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