Not long now

It is now less than 48 hours until I set off with Kevin to Mizen Head. I have the routes uploaded to my Garmin GPS, and have also written basic directions on my iPhone, so that if the GPS plays up I have some idea where to go! Together with an old-fashioned map, I think that I will be ok.

I am just off the phone with Brent, a friend from church, who is going to meet me in Letterkenny on Friday and cycle the last 60 miles with me. It will be great for me to have some company on the road (and a wheel to suck!).

The weather isn’t looking too bad for the start of next week, with a southerly wind and not too much rain. With temperatures forecast up to the high ‘teens, I think I will leave my heavy thermals at home. I may even pack the sun cream 🙂

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