Ups and downs

I had some real encouragements this weekend. I was at a prayer morning for STS on Saturday, and was reminded of all that has been achieved in the last year over and above what anyone had dreamed of. I also received a very generous, if somewhat unorthodox, pledge of 1/100th of a penny for each foot travelled!

At work today a colleague asked what was the furthest I had done in multi-day training. 60/60/80 miles was my reply. And how far do you have to go on your trip? Er… 96/105/113/91 miles. Hmm. This will be a step into the unknown, and a true challenge, in that I am not sure that I will be able to do those distances, and might have to take five days over the Irish trip, which would be a personal disappointment. I was buoyed up, however, when looking at the ten day forecast this evening and seeing sun for next week in the west of Ireland. A fighting chance, then, that I may not get drenched every day. 🙂

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